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She is amazing! I could watch her getting off all day!

I want her in my bed right now.

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New girl.

A new girl started in the office today. 

I licked my lips as soon as her gorgeous ass walked in. I came in early to make sure my vacation days were in (NYC I can’t wait to discover some sexy women in you for the two weeks I’ll be there) and I saw her.

She was dressed professionally. Very conservative overall but splashes of color and just the right curves to make me want her. She was fucking hot. She’s super cute as well because she’s got this dorky giggle that turns me on like no other.

If you want to turn me on laugh. Seriously. A smile can be one of the hottest things ever.

All day I just kept imagining her lips….her tongue…her teeth… 

God I just wanted to take her in the back room and fuck her. 

Just imagining what her moans would sound like as I licked her pussy. 

Gets me wet all over again.


I am wetting my fucking bed almost as much as this girl.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck.


Anonymous said: you are so fucking sexy...what id do to have you in my bed...

Maybe I’d like you in my bed as well anon. Too bad you are anon.

If you weren’t maybe I’d tell you that I’m about to start stroking my pussy right now at the thought of eating out another dirty girl…

Or how I’m so fucking horny because I haven’t had sex in a bit that I’m planning on going out Friday and fucking the first girl I grind against at the club… I want to suck on a delicious pair of pussy lips until I can taste her cum in my mouth…

Too bad you’re anon though. Imagine all the fun we could’ve had..



Anonymous said: I've missed your fucking sexy replies. You haven't been making me wet recently and I don't approve.

Sigh…Greedy little sluts just can’t get their pussies off without me, can they?

Sorry baby, been super busy with helping an ex with a last minute move.

I’ll try to keep your pussy wet though. That is my favorite thing after all.





radiolabia said: I really love your blog, but you keep using feminine pronouns to refer to Jiz Lee, who identifies as genderqueer and prefers "they/them." (On their website, they say: "I'm queer. So is my gender. Pronoun: they/them") This is not a great way to respect someone whose work you admire so much. Maybe think about fixing this in the future?

You know what, I realized this the other day. I knew that. I guess I just forgot. I’m sorry lovely if I hurt you. I tend to forget that some people who identify their sexuality as queer (such as I do) sometimes also that their gender is queer (not as I do). So I’m sorry love. 

It shan’t happen again. 

And if it does, I give you permission to punish me.